1. Waxing & Tinting
    Brows (1st time design) $20 Brows (Maintenance) $18 Brows (Students & STAR Members) $15 Lip $10 Chin $12 Nose $15 Ears $15 Full Face (cheeks to jawline) $40 Underarms $20 Lash Tinting $25 Brow Tinting $20
  2. Chemical Peels
    Even as a lunch time treatment Chemical Peels are NOT to be feared - chemical peel treatments address your specific concerns ranging from aging/acne/firming/discoloration/dull skin. Combined with ultrasonic cleansing, let's make changes to your skin. Multiple treatments may be needed. Home care required. Minimal, manageable visible downtime of flaking expected. Perfect for guys & gals. 30 min $75
  3. Facial Treatments
    Lift & Define Your Facial Features with Microcurrent & Celluma LED light 75 min $115 V-Line Magic Firming Therapy with Celluma LED light & hand massage 75 minutes $100 or add Dermal Exfoliation 90 minutes $150 High Frequency Acne Series Let's kill bacteria on & below the surface, reduce inflammation & promote healing. Series of 3, 30 minutes each $100
  4. Collagen Stim
    Sesderma products & Nano technology together stimulate your collagen & elastin production to tighten & smooth skin & restore youthfulness. Results in 1 treatment. A series of 6 sessions alternating Collagen Stimulation with Ferulac chemical peels every 2 weeks creates long-term benefits 60 minutes/$150, Series of 6/ $750
  5. Celluma LED Light
    These powerful 30-minute treatments treat aging skin, acne & pain in muscles & joints with deep penetrating wavelengths of LED light. Red light will make you light years younger. Blue light clears the breakouts and near infrared light takes the pain away anywhere on the body. 30 minutes $20 added to any other treatment $20 Series of 6 30-minute sessions $100
  6. Dermal Exfoliation
    Instant Gratification! Say goodbye to peach fuzz and hello to baby smooth skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished, tone is more even and makeup will appear airbrushed. This exfoliation treatment is recommended for all skin types except active acne. Take control of your skin with treatments every 4-6 weeks. YOU WILL LOVE YOUR SKIN AGAIN! 60 minutes $75 add a non-acid peel $50 add a Celluma session for $20